The most advanced digital parking data collection, interpretation and visualization platform in its field.

Exclusive curbside parking data collection technology

Digital inventory of parking assets

Customized parking guidance delivered to smartphones

Assessment of parking utilization through tracking technology

Parking Intelligence dashboard with real-time metrics and automated reporting

Our inventive parking solutions empower customers to improve drivers' experiences, foster sustainability, ensure safety, streamline management, and pave the way for cutting-edge smart parking & mobility solutions.

We are revolutionizing urban and campus mobility with our smart mobility model, prioritizing the future of transportation and infrastructure management. We focus on easing congestion and reducing emissions and noise pollution. Our strategies include efficiently directing drivers to optimal parking, pickup, and drop-off locations, and highlighting alternative transportation options. By streamlining parking and minimizing unnecessary driving, we enhance safety, increase compliance, and reduce driver distractions. Our approach is not only about reducing congestion and emissions but also about future-proofing urban and campus environments.