Gold for Startup in Colorado Smart Cities Challenge!

August 2, 2021
By Oliver Lewis
Mobility startup - Modii - wins a prestigious smart city challenge in Colorado.

Modii’s innovative smart city technology was selected to provide smart digital curbs for cities in Colorado to improve the urban mobility customer experience. 

The competition, called the ‘Revive! Challenge’ was arranged by the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance. The alliance seeks to merge businesses, governments, and other organizations in Colorado to improve Coloradans’ quality of life. The state-wide organisation exists to advance smart cities investments to propel Colorado’s civic innovation. The Alliance was formed in 2017 to stimulate the progression of smart communities across the United States. 

The collaborations and proposals received from the Revive! Challenge expands upon the Alliance’s approach of using technology to create digital ecosystems that improve communities.

The Colorado Smart Cities Alliance Revive! Challenge received proposals from around the world. The Challenge focused on finding innovative solutions to best recover from the effects of the pandemic.

Through the deployment of Modii's innovative and advanced parking and mobility solutions, cities in the US will be able to maximize the use of the curb to better serve the needs of their communities. 

"This continues Modii’s investment into the US and we are grateful to have worked with the Colorado Smart City Alliance on this innovative project,” said Modii Founder, Elizabeth Zealand.

As a startup with operations in both the US and Australia, Modii were winners of the Australian Transport for NSW Global Parking Challenge, coding the kerb for all of Manly, which gave them a strong smart city example for this Challenge. 

Spot Parking's innovative parking solutions have been named winners of the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance Revive! Challenge
Modii won the Australian government transport challenge and digitised the Manly ward of the Northern Beaches in Sydney, Australia

"Modii has offices in Denver and Los Angeles and this win adds to the already impressive list of clients, which include Campus Parc at The Ohio State University” said Zealand.

The city of Seattle’s open data has been used by Modii to show how a digitised curb can improve urban mobility, view the demo here.

Modii will now begin the collaboration to take cities in Colorado a step closer towards achieving a smart city model - empowering smarter, greener, and safer mobility and parking for Colorado! 

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