Modii and MasParc and Mobility, LLC at Northeastern University Transform Campus Parking with New Parking Finder

December 4, 2023
Alina Prioteasa

Boston, MA, December 4, 2023 - Modii, a leading provider of digital infrastructure solutions for parking and mobility, is proud to announce a partnership with MasParc and Mobility, LLC (MasParc) at Northeastern University, marking a milestone in their shared commitment to revolutionize smart campus technology across the United States. The collaboration with MasParc is the latest in a series of successful partnerships through which Modii has transformed the movement of people on campuses and in cities nationwide.

As part of this initiative, Modii introduced the MasParc NU Parking Finder, a cutting-edge solution that enhances the parking experience for faculty, staff, students, and visitors alike. The technology empowers drivers with real-time parking information, streamlining their parking guidance even before they set foot on campus. With the user-friendly interface that can be conveniently saved to their home screens, the MasParc NU Parking Finder is designed to enhance mobility on campus, setting the stage for a new era of parking solutions.

One of the features of the MasParc NU Parking Finder is its ability to provide users with real-time parking information, facilitating an efficient and stress-free parking experience. The Parking Finder enables drivers to conveniently locate parking spaces that align with their specific parking permits, enhancing overall campus mobility and significantly reducing the time and effort required to find parking. Additionally, the Parking Finder displays live occupancy and real-time EV charger usage in campus garages, providing drivers with vital information to make informed parking decisions before arriving on campus.

Key features of the MasParc NU Parking Finder include:

  1. Comprehensive Parking Information: The platform offers a comprehensive overview of available parking spaces across the Northeastern University campus, ensuring users can effortlessly locate parking areas that suit their specific needs.
  1. Customized Search Filters: The platform's innovative "MasParc NU Parking Finder" filter empowers drivers to search for parking spaces based on different permit types, ensuring that they quickly find the most appropriate parking options.
  1. Real-Time Parking Availability: Users will benefit from real-time data on parking availability, ensuring they make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary congestion or delays.
  2. Payment and Rate Insights: The platform provides users with insights into paid parking options and rates, enabling them to make cost-effective parking choices.

This collaboration between Modii and MasParc not only reflects the commitment to streamline campus parking but also aligns with the broader goal of reducing traffic congestion and

enhancing the overall campus experience.

Mark Frumar, President of Modii, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, "Modii is dedicated to pioneering solutions that redefine the way we approach mobility. Our goal is to create a more connected, convenient, and sustainable future for everyone, and our partnership with MasParc is a testament to our commitment to driving positive change in the mobility landscape."

Matthew Inman, General Manager for MasParc, agreed with Mark, saying, "We are excited to bring this new technology to the Northeastern University campus. One of our primary goals is to leverage available technologies to make campus parking as convenient, customer-focused, and sustainable as possible. We believe that the Parking Finder will help support this goal, and be a great benefit for every member of the Northeastern University community.”

The MasParc NU Parking Finder is available for download today, and both Modii and MasParc are excited to see the positive impact it will have on the campus community. This innovative solution is a testament to the power of collaboration between industry leaders and campus parking programs in shaping a brighter, more efficient future.

About Modii:

Modii provides modern mobility solutions via a unified platform of digital infrastructure, data integration, and parking intelligence. The innovative technology supports the digital transformation of urban areas and campuses while empowering thoughtful parking planning through data-driven insights.

For more information about Modii and their partnership with MasParc at Northeastern University, please visit or contact our media relations department at

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