Modii and Parking Logix Announce Omni Channel Availability - “Know Before You Go!”

May 1, 2024
Alina Prioteasa

Access the Modii - Parking Logix Brochure.

Parking poses many challenges, and as a company committed to enhancing driver experience, our mission is to alleviate the familiar frustrations associated with it. That’s why Modii is announcing our formal partnership with Parking Logix, to provide drivers with omni-channel access to live parking availability, and administrators with comprehensive parking data to inform their operations. Put simply, Modii & Parking Logix are empowering drivers with the knowledge they need to easily identify the best place to park before leaving their home.

Our partnership with Parking Logix enables Modii to integrate and display real-time parking availability information directly into our platform. By leveraging advanced sensors and data analytics, users have access to up-to-the-minute updates on parking availability in lots, garages, and even on-street parking. Accessing parking availability in seconds directly from their phone saves drivers both time and frustration typically expected in the search for parking.

Our partnered solution - omni-channel availability - has already made a significant impact in several prestigious universities and cities across the United States, validated by external research studies by industry bodies. Through these implementations, we've witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of the solution in streamlining parking operations and enhancing the overall mobility experience for both drivers and administrators. Students, faculty and staff can personalize parking options specifically to their permit at any given time of day, even taking into account the impact of events and construction on campus. Meanwhile, visitors and tourists attending game days and city events can view predicted availability displayed prior to the event, and live availability options during the event. In addition, parking managers have access to historic capacity statistics in a single, consolidated dashboard to inform parking and transportation planning for events and perform data-led actions based on the insights displayed.

Omni-channel availability is already leveraged by the following Modii & Parking Logix customers:

The University of Texas, Arlington - The UTA Parking Finder features garages and lots where live availability is currently being displayed. This data is collected through advanced parking occupancy sensor technology at the entrance of the garage. Users can view availability percentages by clicking the high-demand areas where tracking is currently in place.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas - UNLV chose to display a consolidated view of availability in their 3 garages on the landing page of their Parking Finder - UNLV Park N Go. Real-time occupancy counts are collected in garages through Parking Logix sensors found at the entrance of each garage, then fed to Modii to communicate to users before they depart.

City of St. Augustine, Florida,  - The St. Augustine Parking Finder displays both off-street and curb occupancy, with capacity data collected at the major downtown garage using Parking Logix occupancy sensor technology. For the curb availability, Modii analyzes historical meter and payment data to indicate availability, and rather than providing occupancy statistics the parking finder employs descriptive terms such as, “Scarce”, “Limited” and “Likely”, each color-coordinated to signify the likelihood of finding available parking

Modii's Parking Finder solutions displaying Parking Logix integrations.

Through our partnership with Parking Logix, we’re actively working on developing innovative solutions to address parking challenges across the United States. By implementing smart parking systems for drivers and administrators, we're dedicated to promoting efficient mobility solutions for our users, making life a little bit easier for all.

At Modii we aim to optimize urban spaces and foster smoother, more efficient travel experiences for everyone. With Parking Logix as our key partner, we're confident that together we can revolutionize the way people navigate and access parking facilities, ultimately creating smarter, more sustainable urban areas.

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