Parking Improvements Set For The City Of Denver

October 20, 2022
Alina Prioteasa

Access the Denver/Cherry Creek Parking Finder to search for free parking in Cherry Creek North andbetter understand parking rules in your area.

If you live in or near a city, you have most likely dealt with some sort of traffic or parking problem. Whether it's trying to search for parking while shopping or eating out, or avoiding tickets on street sweeping days, parking can be a challenge, but it does not have to be.

At Modii we want to make it easier for drivers. Modii brings the curbside parking rules straight to your phone or laptop, before you begin your trip - saving you time and confusion when trying to decipher parking signs and rules.

City of Denver

After winning the Colorado Smart City Alliance, Revive Challenge in summer last year, Modii began implementing smart parking solutions in cities throughout Colorado, including Denver.

Smart cities in Colorado, open for innovation and technology, worked with Modii to develop a personalized guidance parking finder. The up-to-the minute information is displayed on an interactive map that manages curbsides, parking garages and lots by illustrating live data.

Drivers can now customize their parking needs by selecting the preferred settings in the tool box, such as: free parking, street sweeping, restricted free parking, no parking, commercial loading zones, paid parking, permits and more.

Since its launch, the free Modii-Denver parking finder is open to use by anyone in the Denver-Cherry Creek North area in search of parking or in need to better understand curbside rules.

The parking finder helps drivers save time and park efficiently while guiding them to the nearest open spot and helping avoid traffic tickets. Modii aims to improve the everyday driver parking experience by helping them park easier, faster and with less hassle. Modii's map based technology allows Denver drivers to make informed decisions on the best places to park.

Avoid fines for Street Sweeping Violations

Street sweeping helps beautify the city and clean up the streets, but between the months of April and November it causes a lot of parking confusion.

Finding parking on a regular day is daunting enough, adding street sweeping days on top of that can make already limited parking now even harder to find.

Due to its impact on daily parking, Modii introduced its very first street sweeping tool in the Denver parking finder. Users can select “street sweeping” in the tool box to view when street cleaning will occur and on which streets. This way drivers do not risk getting a $50 ticket.

The Denver parking finder was designed to help the city by allowing drivers to know where and when street sweeping will occur so they can plan their parking accordingly. The technology will automatically tell drivers when and which streets are scheduled to be cleaned, giving them the best chance possible to find alternate parking spots.


Here are five tips for dealing with Denver street cleaning regulations:

1) Know when and where street cleaning occurs - Check the Denver -Cherry Creek North parking finder or street signs to know when street cleaning takes place. Drivers can also sign up for street sweeping text alerts at This way you have an extra helping hand to avoid parking tickets.

2) Know how long street sweeping lasts for - Cherry Creek North street cleaning occurs every Thursday between the months of April and November, between 2AM and 6AM

3) Use the parking finder to know where street sweeping does not occur and if you can park your vehicle there in the meantime.

4) Learn about street cleaning exceptions - There are some exceptions for street sweeping rules in Denver, such as if you have a disability placard or permit, or if your vehicle is disabled while parked on the street.

5) If possible move your vehicle the night before street sweeping. This way you are not obligated to get up extra early and search for parking on already crowded curbsides. Sharing parking information with visitors, or shoppers is also useful in helping them avoid tickets.


To drivers who wish to avoid street sweeping tickets, Modii-Denver parking finder is your best option. The tool will hopefully save drivers time and money by not getting parking tickets for not knowing when and on which streets sweeping takes place.

Modii has partnered with the City of Denver- Cherry Creek North to help make parking easier for everyone involved, keeping the streets clean and safe for all who use them.

Access the free Denver/Cherry Creek Parking Finder here. The City of Denver has a new Modii Parking Finder, allowing drivers to search for free parking and gain a better understanding of the parking rules and regulations in the Cherry Creek North district - plus this should help ensure drivers don’t get caught out by the street sweepers!

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