Where Will the Future of Mobility Take Us?

July 31, 2019
By Vanessa Young

The way we travel from A to B is evolving and Modii is a part of this change. The future of mobility is not focused on the cars on our roads, it is about data and how well the different sectors can manage it within a mobility ecosystem. The future will rely on “Mobility as a Service,” also known as MaaS as a mobility solution; Modii’s data serves as a foundation layer for such mobility services and innovation.

There is a future world that involves less car crashes, traffic jams and time spent away from what is at the end of point B, whether it be work, home or leisure. The emergence of electric cars, autonomous vehicles and the continual growth of car and ride sharing will play a large role in how we move towards this future. However, a lot still needs to happen for us to get there.

Mobility Right Now

Currently, mobility solutions are being approached in a siloed manner. To use different mobility platforms like the train, an O-Bike or Uber involves you having to create a unique user profile and use a different app to complete each mobility experience. Moreover, they do not communicate with each other. This is called a closed ecosystem and it is stopping users from having a better, more seamless experience across multiple channels and devices.

The Future is Coming

The Australian government is changing the way they see and respond to the transport ecosystem. They are having a more data-focused, agile and user focused approach to take advantage of the capabilities that will prepare Australia for the future of mobility. The future of mobility involves city planners working with the private sector to operate and maintain critical mobility infrastructure that enables an open ecosystem. This is where Modii gets involved.

An open ecosystem allows for a system that can offer more flexible products, services and thus experiences for the user. In relation to mobility, users can have access to every mobility option from one point and enjoy an integrated end-to-end service across different mobility options.

The Global Database for Smart City Mobility

Modii provides powerful, real time information to both the public and private sector to help orchestrate seamless customer and user experiences. With the future of mobility being a part of the sharing economy, Modii’s platform encourages data exchange to support customer mobility ecosystems.

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