Ensure The Best Customer Service When It Comes To Your Parking

February 7, 2022
Alina Prioteasa

“The complaints we used to receive were always about parking tickets, as our parking is very complicated. Since we worked with Modii and digitized the campus, people now know the rules, and the complaints have shifted away – any complaints are no longer about not knowing the rules.” - Sarah Blouch, CEO of CampusParc

If you are a university employee, student, or visitor, then you are probably familiar with the parking problems on most campuses. Parking on university campuses can be time-consuming and frustrating for students, staff, visitors, and parking managers. It is important for an institution to prioritize improving the overall customer experience and communicate parking information effectively with all parties. Universities and colleges often struggle with managing the flow of traffic within their campuses, especially in built-up areas.

The issue can be further exacerbated by inefficient parking facilities and a lack of visitor information on where to park. Digitizing the parking supply, demand, and utilization patterns on campus parking will ensure overall driver satisfaction. Parking analytics provides this insight by analyzing parking space occupancy rates, average length of stay, peak parking demand times, searching interactive maps and more.

Why is parking customer experience an issue?

For many, searching for parking can inflict frustration, confusion and significant time lost. Parking management is an important aspect of the service industry, placing both parking managers and drivers at ease when finding a place to park. Universities are expanding services beyond the front doors, placing parking as the initial impression for those visiting the campus by providing convenient structures and designated parking fields. Parking customer experience is often an issue on university campuses due to the lack of information drivers receive. The lack of knowledge of which permits are right for you, confusing parking rules or the endless search for empty parking locations, lacks customer satisfaction. Improving customer service in parking  not only ensures happier drivers but less congested campuses, easily accessible parking information and safer driving.

How Modii solves the customer service problem

Modii uses a digital interface to digitize parking information on campuses that provides drivers and parking managers with up-to-the-minute information on personalized parking rules. Digitizing parking improves driver customer satisfaction, by providing easy access to parking information, permits, parking personalization and more. Digitizing parking can transform how people think and feel about parking, while improving the overall experience.

How digitizing campuses improves customer experience:

  • Reduces citations
  • Educates drivers
  • Provides visual interference to parking managers and customers
  • Helps identify the best permits
  • Displays entitlements of daily parking

Implementing digitization on campuses not only ensures an easier platform for drivers and parking managers to maneuver, but reduces citations as drivers have a clear display of parking rules and where they can park. Educating drivers on all campus parking will ensure a smoother, easier and safer driving experience on campus. The customer service team will have access to visual interface, easily accessible data for effective analyses and planning of events or parking disturbances on campus.

Students and drivers are also able to visualize our interface at the customer service desk, where staff can direct drivers to the best parking availability that is in accord with their permits. Drivers can also view the best permit availability through the Modii parking finder, a map of all parking on campus that is personalized to their parking needs. The unprecedented times we are living in causing a shift between on and off-campus learning has influenced our display of daily parking entitlements, where drivers can choose to use daily permits rather than semester/yearly.

When upgrading to a digital infrastructure, there are endless opportunities, especially when it comes to driver customer satisfaction. Students, staff and visitors are able to use the on campus parking information provided to ensure an effortless commute. With the use of technologies such as a digital parking guidance systems, universities are able to accomplish this and more.

“Modii is the reason we’re able to provide such great customer service at Ohio State now.” - Keith Palma, Director of Business Operations at CampusParc

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