Modii Attends the IPMI Conference & Expo in Tampa, Florida

December 15, 2021
Alina Prioteasa

Modii was excited to attend the recent IPMI 2021 Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo in Tampa Florida. The event was organized by the International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI) to gather local and international parking leaders and vendors to share and discuss the latest trends in parking technology, design, and management. The welcoming environment was felt as soon as you entered the building and were met by dozens of campus and city managers, and parking vendors.

Modii was represented by our very own, Mark Frumar, Chris Romito and Alina Prioteasa, showcasing the latest in Modii's technology from our booth in the Expo Hall.

Modii Booth at IPMI Conference

The Day Of: IPMI Conference

After a significant time away from in-person events during Covid, the conference provided a great opportunity to connect with familiar names and vendors in the industry, and with universities and cities across North America. The meetings held have created new friendships and reconnected with old ones, and it was terrific to see the technological advancements made throughout lockdown.

The Expo Hall was filled with voices and colorful banners showcasing vendors from around the country while clients from around the world perused each booth. The Modii booth incorporated our unique explanatory animated video, illustrating how Modii's campus and cities solutions function. There we demonstrated our campus and city parking solutions to illustrate the easy and efficient ways consumers can access parking on both university campuses and city streets.

Our easy to use parking finder provides real-time parking conditions and up-to-the-minute information. This means no more circling the block looking for a spot! Just load up the parking finder and you're on your way, preventing stress and frustration.  Our live presentations demonstrated these features in an engaging manner with clients and vendors.

At the conference we were also able to debut our new unified reporting solution. Parking Intelligence has been designed from the ground up to unify data from any source, providing a single dashboard for key metrics and reports, allowing our customers to compare the performance of their parking assets in real-time.

Valuable education sessions were also held throughout, including the CampusParc/Duke University seminar “Embracing the "E" Word for Campus Parking and Mobility”, in which Modii was featured in the discussion.

Keith Palma, Director Business Operations, CampusParc - “Modii has been a key in helping us to solve a lot of the customer service problems that we used to experience.”

Sarah Blouch, President & CEO, CampusParc - "Complaints we used to get were always parking tickets, as our parking is very complicated. Since we worked with Modii and digitized the campus, people now know the rules, and the complaints have shifted away - any complaints are no longer about not knowing the rules."

A promising future at Modii

As the leader in digitizing curbside and off-street parking, the conference ensured that Modii is working closely with our customers and reinventing the parking experience. We specialize in gathering, analyzing, and interpreting parking space data to help city and campus planners make decisions that facilitate mobility around urban areas and elevate the customer experience.

Thanks to the International Parking and Mobility Institute for hosting the conference. Modii is excited to further expand in Colorado, and soon to open its first office location there! We hope to see you at the next IPMI conference in New Orleans in July.

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