Thanks Berlin! Next Stop Copenhagen...

September 18, 2018
By Elizabeth Zealand

Last week I embarked on a tour of Europe with an Austrade delegation. The first stop was Berlin, which is arguably the startup capital of the continent, where we were hosted by the Australian Ambassador to Germany Lynette Wood welcoming the Austrade delegation to Europe.

Having spent the week at an intense bootcamp, we have now arrived in Copenhagen to kick off the ITS congress. For me, this trip is not only about introducing Modii to a wider audience - although, telling our international friends the possibilities that our technology presents is no bad thing. The AusTrade cohort is actually pretty special this year as it is the first one to focus entirely on a single sector - mobility and transport.

Australia has so much to offer in this sector and it is exciting to be here alongside other inspirational Australian based startups. What I am most excited about at the congress is the opportunity to connect, learn and share between Europe and Australia in the mobility, smart city and autonomous vehicle sectors. Learning from each other and building better cities around the world. I’ll be sharing trends, insights and a little bit of news from the congress, so stay tuned.

Elizabeth Zealand is the Founder of Modii.

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